Tuesday, December 23, 2008

White Sand

As I walked through the intersection of Mountainview and Main St. my eyes imagined that I was walking through white sand. I felt the warmth of the Mauritanian sun on my face and imagined the hot sand washing over my bare feet.

The sound of a truck approaching awoke me from my day dream. The warmth on my face was sweat (wearing layers and walking the dogs) and the sand under my feet was powdery snow mixed with dirt. I was walking on ice covered streets with a thick layer of snow. This was NOT Mauritania...yet.

The Pacific Northwest has been in a deep freeze for over a week now. Last week the mild part of this storm hit. School days were canceled giving kids an extra week of vacation. Holiday shopping was put on hold yet the worse was yet to come.

Fourteen some inches later, we are still under a blanket of white. It's 26 degrees this morning. Fahrenheit.

Travelers are stuck at plane, train or bus stations. For some this arctic blast is a pain. For others it is a welcome reprieve. You'll find me in the later group.

I am watching forecast with great interest. Ruth and I leave in 5 days. I've been blessed (thank you GFU) with an extended break as the university has been closed a few days and we are not required to come to work.

I continue to watch the forecast with great interest. Will our flight be delayed, canceled or postponed? Today it looks like a warming trend is due by the end of the week. Ruth has 4 wheel drive and is planning to drive out to my house on Friday to pack. Jojo will drive us to the airport in that 4 wheel drive vehicle on Saturday in the early morning - before the crazy traffic clutters the roadways.

There is lots to look forward to between now and then. Christmas at home. This fact alone has brought me great peace.

A week from today the ground beneath my feet will be warm. The warmth of the Mauritanian sun will be on my face. It's just a matter of time.

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