Thursday, December 18, 2008

Getting it all together - Identifying with the Camel

Ruth told me she had a better plan for packing all the stuff we are taking to Equinoxe. Her commitment to the project took a huge weight off my shoulders.

Recently Equinoxe received a grant. Some of these funds will be used to purchase equipment for the restaurant. For the last few weeks the USP and FedEx drivers have beaten a path to my door. They probably think our Christmas is going to be pretty darn good!

The packages of incredibly various sizes are all addressed the same: Jere Witherspoon for Paul. Somewhere, someone thinks that my middle name is Witherspoon for. :) I'll know this for sure when I get junk mail to that affect.

After a few weeks I began to purchase plastic trunks in which to pack some of this stuff. Most of the items are small and they easily fit into one of the trunks. Other items have been left in their original boxes and will be shipped as is as excess baggage. (The topic of excess baggage will likely be discussed after arriving in Mauritania.)

I was feeling pretty optimistic once I found a trunk long enough in which to pack the French Fry warmer. Several other odd items neatly packed around the oblong box.

I don't plan to take much for myself. A few outfits and what not. I'll pack those items around the packages intended for Equinoxe.

With each day the burden of the packing lessoned. Till Ruth came over to discuss our menu items for our special events while in Mauritania. Now I am glad Ruth came up with a better plan. It will likely save Equinoxe a fare bit of money on shipping costs. But much of what I have together will likely be rearranged. And I am okay with that.

I still have moments of panic when I think of lugging all that baggage into the airport. I'll have to be prepared to tip. :)

At least I'll be able to relate to the camel when I ride him/her.

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