Thursday, December 25, 2008


Each morning I wake up near or about 5 am. After using the restroom I tend to lay in bed attempting to revisit my dreams. For the last week, however, although my head rests on the pillow I lay awake thinking about the time ticking away.

Until this morning I have been under the impression that I had plenty of time to accomplish the tasks required prior to my departure. This morning that impression changed. Oh, I have pretty much completed everything I need to do in preparation for my trip. I started packing my own personal items four days ago. During those mornings when I lay in bed thinking I planned and ordered in my head. Now all I need to do is physically place those items in a bag, or ready to pack in one of the many boxes/bags that we are using to transport the items for Equinoxe.

And now it's Christmas morning.

The snow has thwarted our plans for holiday travel. The sense of urgency abaited, I feel peace. But in the morning, when the quiet is all around, my mind surges forward to Saturday, December 27.

Ruth and Jojo come to help pack tomorrow. We'll have coffee, restaurant supplies and a plethora of other items to organize. I know it will all come together. This trip is something I have secretly dreamed of for years.

Dream come true. Tick. Chance of a lifetime. Tock. Seeing my brother in his home. Tick. Meeting Brenna's friends. Tock. Riding a camel. Tick. Having lunch in a cafe in Paris. Tock. Embracing a country and a culture to foreign to mine. Tick - tock. I can't wait.

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