Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sitting on an Un-professional Camel

Apparently it is NOT professional camel season right now. The professional camels are out, away from the city right now. The best that could be done was the camel market. Wow! Really, a highlight of this trip.

Professional camels are for riding. It was obvious by the sound emitting from my camels throat that she did not want to be ridden. I couldn't blame her.

But the entire tour of the camel market - which included goats, sheep, and beef cattle - was out of this world. Our host, you will see him in the pictures when I post them, was very generous, and I might add, ready to be my son or husband, whichever I preferred. :)

In these pictures: the farm with a view, me riding the camel (sort of), me meeting a baby camel, Our host and Sonsoles.

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