Friday, January 2, 2009

Meeting Aisha

When Brenna was in Mauritania she was introduced to a family. Aisha is one of Moktar's three daughters. Aisha loves Brenna. Brenna loves Aisha. Moktar is a friend of my brother's and important because he is the regional director of labor. Paul needs friends like Moktar in order for Equinoxe to be successful.

Tonight we were invited to Moktar's house for dinner. Wow! Just Wow!!

We had so much wonderful food and we laughed so hard....the warmth and love of this family poured into our hearts.

Tomorrow we are going to a national wildlife preserve, there are tons of migratory birds there now. It will be another amazing experience. Today we purchased food to take on the trip. ANOTHER amazing experience going to purchase the wood, coal, fruits and vegetables all from different vendors that Mbye know. Mbye has been putting it all together. We will leave first thing in the morning. Paul, Ruth, Sonsoles and Mbye will be together camping for three days. I'll be sure to post pictures when we get back.

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