Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Equinoxe....oasis on the Sahara

You wouldn't really expect to find an oasis unless you really believed all those Bob Hope movies.

From what I am told, and from the pictures I see I do believe: Equinoxe is an oasis on the Sahara. But just what IS Equinoxe?

When people ask me about my brother, Paul and the work he is doing, most people's eyes glass over before I get to far a long in the story. It takes that long.

They aren't even listening when I begin the story of Equinoxe. Lucky you! You can read it for yourself.

You need to start at the beginning - 'A Case Study.'

Okay, so that's just part of it. The pictures I have seen tell a story of community. People coming together sharing food, fun, and laughter. If you look at the calendar of events there are Friday movies and concerts.

While you are enjoying these events you do not need to worry about going hungry because the menu offers a plethora of items - omlettes, crepes, salads, soups and La Viande au Choix - just to name a few. Take a look for yourself!

And coffee. There is a full espresso bar. A year ago Ruth helped set up the beginnings of Equinoxe. From what I am told the services have tripled and people from around Nouakchott indeed have found an oasis.

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